Yes! Social Media Managers Are Worth Every Single Penny!

There’s a major misconception out there when it comes to social media management and I want to clear it up.

Yes, there are companies out there that offer “content creation” for $98 per month per platform.

Yes, there are domain companies that are offering social media management at $399 per month which includes a professional photoshoot, profile optimization, 25 posts per month (2 posts per week on 3 different platforms), new customer campaigns, and even one branded email campaign each month.

Now, I cannot verify the quality of the posts or anything that these companies are doing because I haven’t used them before.

When a potential client brings up these companies and asks if I will drop my prices down to match them because “they’d rather work with someone local” or “they really want to work with me but my services aren’t in their budget”…

I will always respectfully say no.


Social media is always changing.

Something that works today may not work tomorrow.

Let’s take Instagram, for example.

Instagram is getting rid of “likes” and the algorithm has tanked engagement for some who haven’t changed their strategy while unaffecting others.

The new way to “game” the Instagram algorithm right now is focusing on how many people bookmark your photo and the more people that “bookmark” your photo, the better reach & engagement your post will get.

A major company may or may not know this and may or may not decide to change their strategy.

It’s also important to stay on top of the latest trends and making sure that you’re switching up your strategy to match what’s trending.

Social media isn’t just about making Canva images, posting them to the platforms, and then scrolling through the feed just chilling on the couch (although I work from my couch a lot as a remote SMM).

I’m always hiring social media coaches to understand social media better.

I’m purchasing anywhere from 1-3 courses per quarter to make sure that I stay on top of my A-game.

We eat, breathe, sleep, and even dream about social media because it’s our lifeblood.

Can we compete with companies who charge $98/month for content creation or $399 for everything mentioned above?


I never focus on competition.

I’m here to provide results and my prices reflect my knowledge, my expertise, the time it takes to do the tasks, and so much more.

I charge what I charge because I know that I can generate the results you’re looking for and it will pay for itself.

You can either pay for fast-food quality social media management and you’ll get the fast-food quality results.

Or you can pay for a premium service with a hands-on, dedicated social media manager who can generate results for your company.

We are worth every single penny.

Are there some bad eggs out there?


But there are some amazing social media managers out there and they are worth it.  

If you’re considering hiring someone to manage your social media or create content for your channels that actually generates engagement…

Let’s discuss the possibility of a remote social media management partnership!

I currently have 2 slots available for social media management so if you’re considering working with a social media manager – let’s talk!

Click here to book a call to see if you’re qualified.

Your friendly neighborhood social media manager,

-Andrew Carlson

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