The ONE Question To Ask Before Doing Any Online Marketing…

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What Action Do You Want Your Audience to Take?

This is the missing piece that a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners make when it comes to their marketing.

They don’t take the time to understand the purpose behind the action that they’re taking.

They want to send an email to stay in touch with their list but they don’t understand their purpose of sending the email. They send out a weekly “newsletter” filled with information their audience don’t even want to consume.

They want a funnel to converts into sales but they don’t understand the purpose behind the funnel and how to create the best customer experience which leads the customer to a sale they’re satisfied with.

They want to post on social media and yet end up frustrated with little to no engagement because they don’t understand their purpose of posting their content.

What is the purpose of the activities that you are doing?

Before you do anything in regards to marketing, ask yourself, “what’s the purpose of X” and then go design it.

People struggle to think of content not because they don’t know what they want to say… Or maybe you have too much that you want to say and you’ve now just confused your audience.

They don’t understand the purpose behind what they want to say so they just assume it’s writer’s block.

When you understand the purpose behind your task… The message becomes effortless.

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