The Biggest Mistake You’re Making With Facebook Ads…

This was originally published to LinkedIn Pulse. 

Running ads on Facebook is an automated version of prospecting.

Instead of you having to manually send out emails, attend networking events and spark random conversations to see if your services would be beneficial to that individual… you can attract your “ideal customer” through the ads you put on on social media.

It seems like it would be one of the best ways to get your product or service into the eyes of your ideal customers.

In all honesty… it’s absolutely a great way to get in front of potential customers!

Except that most people are running ads wrong and then get upset when they aren’t converting.

Their limiting beliefs of “running Facebook ads is the equivalent of throwing money into a pit of fire and expecting it to multiply” or my favorite, “Facebook ads just don’t work for my industry”.

The reason why I bring these up is that I used to say these exact same things!

Facebook ads work and they work very well WHEN they are used correctly.

So I want to discuss the BIGGEST mistake that the majority of people are making when they run Facebook ads.

The majority of service-based business owners aren’t re-targeting their customers!

Would you ever call a cold prospect and expect them to buy from you the same day?


I didn’t think so.

So why do we expect the ad to convert the minute that we put Facebook ads out when your potential customer only catches the ad once in their feed?

The only thing that I can say to this is… STOP IT!

Sales is a process and I’ve studied a lot of different sites from realtors to e-commerce sites to even local businesses.

The majority of their sites don’t use a Facebook pixel!

What is a Facebook Pixel?

For those of you who don’t know what a Facebook pixel is a code that you put onto your website and it tracks what your customer does on your site, where they click, how long they stay on your site, etc.

It’s something that you can generate for free on the Facebook Business Manager.

[If you want to generate your pixel, here is how to do it:]

Business owners who aren’t using the Facebook pixel are leaving tons of money on the table and is the biggest reason why most of their ads don’t convert.

They aren’t following the sales process!

Have you ever jumped onto a website or searched something online only to find it in your Facebook feed within 10-15 minutes?

That’s the benefit of re-targeting!

You get to be everywhere, following the prospect automatically and warm them up which creates “know, like & trust” and ultimately… closing the sale!

Are you ready to create Facebook ads that convert AND close sales?

Let’s talk to see how SHIFT Marketing Agency can help you reach your sales goals in 2019!

Andrew Carlson

Founder & Owner

SHIFT Marketing Agency

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