“I’ve Got My Social Media Covered…”​

When I worked in the restaurant industry as a restaurant manager or even a Director of Training & Development… we would constantly get hit up by social media agencies almost on the regular.

We did everything in-house at the time and I assisted with it so we would always say that it was taken care of.

Looking back, I should have told them that we currently do it in-house but would keep everything on file when we needed to outsource it.

But hindsight is always 20/20.

Now that I have opened up my own social media marketing business, I am constantly being told that they have it covered.

When I ask specifically if they work with an agency, they tell me that their 20-something niece, nephew or even family member is doing it and it’s “just fine”.

Most will try to end the conversation there and I love that they have someone who can manage it part-time.

Do you need a thriving social media presence to succeed in business?


But if you’re going to do it, you might as well utilize it so it can drive people (& their money) into your business.

That’s where most business owners go wrong is that they don’t truly understand the power of social media which is what sparked my need to write this article.

Here are 4 tips to maximize your efforts into your channels.

  1. Consistency Drives Engagement

This is the biggest reason why business owners believe that social media “doesn’t work”.

(Yes, this is a belief that people still hold onto, even in 2019.)

The best way to grow your account is to always have a steady stream of new content that people will either have on their feed or while they are checking in on your account.

A brand that’s crushing it on social media (specifically Instagram) is Nekter Juice Bar.

Nekter Juice Bar Instagram

It’s colorful, it showcases their products, the images are clean, AND they utilize the “lifestyle” look that works for their brand (and anyone in the restaurant industry).

If you were to visit their Instagram page, they aren’t only posting when they have a new product OR using boring captions that list every ingredient inside of the product that’s being showcased.

The captions are fun, engaging, and relatable.

The best part is that any brand can model their success and grow their Instagram page just like Nekter Juice Bar did! (Yes, even on a small budget.)

[Don’t have a professional camera? That’s okay! If you have a smartphone, the app Camera+ 2turns your smartphone into a DSLR!]

2. What’s the Strategy Behind Your Post

This is one of the most important questions that I ask anyone who is interested in outsourcing social media marketing.

In terms of your brand, your values, and the STORY that you want to tell… are your posts in alignment with that?

Are you posting just because you haven’t posted in 5 days or are you posting because you are consistent and want to engage your community in what your business does?

Do you want to call attention to a new menu item or showcase a wine that just won an award?

Do you want to show appreciation to your staff?

Are you just wanting to show the craziness of being a mompreneur who is trying to juggle work, life, and family all in a single day?

No matter what you do, always have a strategy and stick with that strategy.

Posting just to post on random days and times isn’t doing much for you.

3. Actively Engage with Other Channels (locally and nationally)

This is another aspect of social media marketing that a lot of business owners never pay attention to.

It’s important to research hashtags (even in your local community) and engage with other local businesses and people who are using those hashtags!

Yes, it’s time-consuming.

Yes, it’s absolutely necessary for your organic growth.

No, this aspect cannot be automated!

Spend the time (dedicate 1-2 hours per day) to engage with people in your community (if you’re a local business) or with your industry hashtags!

This is why outsourcing social media to a professional who has dedicated systems in place for all things SMM is important.

We do this and carve out time to specifically engage.

As a business owner, you have other things to worry about so this is something that always falls to the wayside.

4. Get Their Attention!

Last but definitely not least, it’s important to grab their attention!

This works wonders with restaurants because there are so many different views that you can shoot food to make your customer’s mouths water!

It’s also important that you never stick with the same views or styles of photography (especially on Instagram).

The goal is to get them to stop scrolling long enough to click that “like” button and comment on your posts.

It’s vital to switch it up!

Images, posts, articles, etc.

Just make sure to keep it interesting so you don’t lose the engagement of your current followers.

At the end of the day, it’s important to know that social media CAN bring in a flood of customers with the right strategy.

I love that you have people in your circle that want to help but if they don’t understand the nuances of social media, outsourcing to a professional is something to consider.

If you’re ready to pull the trigger and want to bring on a remote social media manager for your business, let’s chat!

You can either apply at my website www.shiftintoactionnow.com or simply message me and we can start the conversation!

With respect,

Andrew Carlson


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