Welcome to Life Re-Imagined!

Welcome to Life Re-Imagined! 

Is your life exactly what you pictured it would be 10 years ago? 

I’ll be the first to admit that where I thought I would be and where I am are 2 completely different realities.

It’s not good or bad… It’s just where I am currently in this life. 

Fortunately, where I am today and where I want to be tomorrow are 2 completely different realities as well. 

Because I thought I knew what I wanted. 

I was in an awesome career that allowed me to travel, meet interesting people from all walks of life, allowed me to create my own schedule, and at the same time… I wasn’t satisfied. 

I was stressed. 

I was a workaholic. 

I wasn’t happy. 

I was over it all by the end of my run. 

Ever since I was 18… I’ve read about this remote lifestyle. 

Which led me to start blogs that I never continued, businesses that went unfulfilled, feelings of disappointment when it didn’t work out, etc. 

I didn’t know any better. 

Business wasn’t my forte between 18-22. 

I’ll be the first to admit it but I knew that if I wanted to create anything worthwhile…

Anything that had a legacy attached to it…

I had to learn. 

So I hired coaches, watched course after course, put in the work, and got some results. 

But it fizzled out. 


Because I gave up on myself.

I gave up because life wasn’t supposed to look this way! 

What I didn’t realize was that just because it wasn’t exactly how I had envisioned didn’t mean that I failed. 

It’s because something better was created for me and I couldn’t even see it. 

Everyone is on their own timeline. 

Not everyone needs to follow the same “life path” and that’s what led to my downward spiral. 

Well… It’s time to re-imagine what life is supposed to look like. 

If you could create a new reality for yourself by next summer… 

What would that look like to you? 

For me… It’s creating a business that allows me to work from anywhere. 

I have a business with local clients and I see them regularly but I’m looking to shift the way I do things. 

Plus, every step of the way will be documented. 

Whether with video, written blogs, or through other social channels. 

At the end of the day… We didn’t come here to work, pay bills, and die. 

We came to learn, to love, and to thrive. 

This is my new beginning. 

This is “Life Re-Imagined”. 

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